McLoughlin House in Oregon City Engagement : Lisa + Jeff

They started out as friends nearly a decade ago, and made a pact with each other that if they hadn’t found someone else and gotten married by May 9, 2015, they would marry each other on that date.  You see, that day is very important to them, it has sentimental meaning.


As the years went on, they became closer and closer and eventually ended up in an actual relationship.  They moved in together in 2009 and then purchased their first home.



Years went by and 2015 was slowly approaching.  Lisa began to wonder if Jeff had forgotten about their pact they made so many years ago.  She started to make little hints and show him pretty wedding rings, and she talked all things wedding related, anything to try and get some kind of idea of what he was thinking, anything to see if he remembered!



In April of 2015 that’s all she could think about and talk about with her friends and co-workers.  Later that month, Jeff told her he had a golf tournament out of town the weekend of Friday, May 8, 2015, through Sunday, May 10, 2015, so she thought OKAY, this is it!  A few days passed and of course he asked her if she would like to join him and she no doubtably said YES!



At this point, she started searching everything for wedding hints, she called different golf courses that held weddings, she looked up how long in advance you needed to be able to get a marriage license, etc.  In her mind, she had it all figured out, he would wait until the last minute and then ask her to merry him and they would go get the marriage license together and then elope, how romantic!  Well, Friday came and they headed straight to the lodge…their drive did not involve stopping for a license, which meant they were NOT getting married on May 9, 2015.  So, she thought, what did he have in store for her then?  She is obviously not pleased at this point.



They arrived early Friday afternoon and she saw them setting up for the tournament, she thought, was there really a tournament?!  Well, this could be any weekend tournament, so she paid close attention to the players…was it more fun and casual or more competitive?  Jeff played a few practice rounds and she got to play alongside of him.  Paying close attention to detail, she came across a golfer who had a great swing and he was playing with a good set of clubs, so she naturally concluded that this was in fact a legitimate golf tournament and he completely forgot about their date.  She was devastated, but tried to keep a smile on her face.  They finished golfing and she was still upset.  Jeff asked her if she wanted to go to dinner but she could really care less…it was an early night for them.



The next day, Saturday, May 9, 2015…THE day.  Lisa woke up to Jeff getting ready for his tournament, he had planned on playing golf for 4 hours…while she moped around the lodge all day.  He encouraged her to get a massage while he golfed, she thought Oh joy?!  He asked her if she wanted to go for a quick hike before he left that morning, she said “no!”, he asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat, she said “no!”  He said okay, he will go get food and come back, she said “fine!”  She laid in bed watching chick flicks and crying by herself, thinking how could he forget, who is this person, her best friend that she thought she knew so well!

When he came back he had doughnuts and she thought well, okay, at least that’s a positive, she has a sweet tooth, at least he knows that!  He handed her a dozen doughnuts, and for a minute of pure happiness she forgot about their pact.  As she laid there in bed trying to figure out which one she would devour first, she saw a tissue, and being the lover of sweets that she is, she immediately thought it had to be truffles or something like that so she grabs the tissue and she sees it’s a box, a ring box!  And, then everything starts to come back her, their pact, it’s their day, and everything else, all the background noise, disappears, as she opens the box to see an engagement ring!  She starts to cry while leaning in to kiss him!  He didn’t forget!




Needless to say, there was no golf tournament that he was playing in and they finished the day by going to brunch and zip lining.  It was a great and memorable day!

I am excited to say, that in 19 days, I will have the pleasure of photographing their beautiful wedding and I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of and document their special day!


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